Welcome to Lawnside New Jersey

We are inviting all people to G-d’s way with wisdom and beautiful teachings, reflecting on the lives of G-d’s Prophets”

The Historic borough of Lawnside. In 1840, the land developed as Lawnside was purchased by Abolitionists for freed and escaped slaves. In 1926, Lawnside is the first independent self-governing African-American community north of the Mason-Dixon Line. That’s why the city of Lawnside is the perfect location for the 4th annual “A Day with the Prophets” weekend.Our Annual conference is a retreat from the daily pressures and anxieties of our lives as we reflect and examine the lives and challenges of the Prophets sent by G-d. It is our intention to rejuvenate and inspire the participants by providing information that compares and contrasts the life examples of the beloved Prophets of G-d & Life in the 21st century.

Our Annual conference is a retreat featuring contemporary American Islamic perspectives and scholarship. This year’s conference will be held March 30th, 31st, & April 1st, 2018 at the Wayne R. Bryant Community Center on Charleston Avenue in Lawnside, New Jersey.

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