A Day With The Prophets 2017

3rd Annual “A Day With The Prophets”

April 14th, 15th and 16th



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Call To Action: Learn To Read The Qur’an For Yourself

The Masjid offers Arabic classes every Saturday morning at 10am.  Learn the language of our Book for yourself, and improve the understanding of Islam.

Reminder: Make Dua for the Sick and Shut-In

Please make Dua for those brothers and sisters that are sick and unable to come out.  We must continue to keep them in our prayers and ask Allah to make their way easy during these times.

Thank You For Your Continued Support!

Thanks to all of the Visitors and Members who consistently donate when attending the masjid.  We cannot move forward without your support and dedication.  Remember, for your convenience, you can pay your zakat/sadaqah right here on the masjid website.